Basic coaching training course/ Autism therapist training using Applied Analysis methods (ABA)

Basic coaching training course/ Autism therapist training using Applied Analysis methods (ABA)

Instructor: Doctor Hamidreza Pourtemad.

                Full time Professor of Neuropsychology of Shahid Beheshti University

Co-Instructors: Saeed Sadeghi & Esmaeel Shiri

Content of the Course:

  • Introducing Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Causation, Symptomatology of Autism
  • Reviewing methods of teaching, Rehabilitation, and treatment of Autism with the emphasis on ABA methods
  • Principals of training, treatment
  • Preparing to start treatment
  • The need for comprehensive Autism treatment, based on one biologic model
  • Familiarizing families with the changes needed to make in their own, and their child’s lifestyles before starting
  • Training, Rehabilitation and Treatment based on Behavioral Learning Theory
  • Principals of application of behavioral techniques
  • Behavioral analysis concepts
  • Finding the issue
  • Behavioral change components and methods of changing behavior
  • Interventional considerations and behavioral changes
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (1)
  • Effectiveness of ABA in treating Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Reputation of ABA in training and rehabilitation of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Iran
  • Using ABA in training and behavioral adjustment
  • Preparing the child
  • The use of ABA in adjusting extreme and deviant behaviors
  • Practicing
  • Differential learning

Conditions of Participants:

Graduates and students of Psychology, Educational Science, and counseling

Cost of the Program:

The cost per individual is 500,000 Toman. This fee includes 4 snacks and two lunch meals

How to register:

To register, please call 09366053453 between 9AM to 12PM

Duration of the Course:

The duration of the course is 16 hours, it will be held on Thursday and Firday (September 1398)

Theoretical training will be 12 hours and practical training (watching movies and playing roles) for 3 hours, and an hour dedicated to the assessment of the course.