Humanoid robots to improve the social and cognitive skills of children with autism

One of the ongoing research projects in the country with the cooperation of Sharif University, Shahid Beheshti University of Technology and also the Center for Organizing Treatment and Rehabilitation of Autistic disorders, using two humanoid robots with the names of Nima and Mina as assistant therapists in improving social and cognitive skills of children with autism.



To this end, a variety of educational and therapeutic scenarios and games have been designed that have been implemented in more than 10 sessions of clinical intervention on boys with autism. The results show the improvement and persistence of social and cognitive skills of high level of high performance children; it has also been shown to reduce maladaptive behaviors and autism traits in children with low performance. It is hoped that the results of these efforts will make the treatment process of these patients in the country faster and more efficient and reduce the costs imposed on the society.


  1. Alireza Taheri
  2. Ali Meghdari
  3. Hamidreza Pouretemad
  4. Mino Alemi