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The Center for the Treatment of Autistic Disorders (CTAD) is a leading Iranian organization providing outreach treatment services for children with autistic spectrum disorders as well as conducting research programs covering pervasive developmental disorders.

The CTAD was established following a two-year (2001-2003) systematic intervention study program on the efficacy of intensive Applied Behavior Analysis on 21 children with pervasive developmental disorders. During the study which was supported by the National Research Center for Medical Sciences, participants received over ten thousand hours of home-based-individual treatment with monthly assessments recorded on DVDs. In order to protect the legal rights, special needs of the participants and to evaluate the progress of the intervention program, the Coordinating Center for the Structured Behavioral Therapy of Autism was established at the beginning of the study. This center was subsequently licensed by the Welfare Organization of the Country under the title: Center for the Treatment of Autistic Disorders


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