Treatment services

Currently used therapeutic interventions in the center:

  • An intensive Applied Behavior Analysis program, generated based on the UCLA model; and the Parent based therapeutic interventions (i.e. Little Bird program, Parent-Child Interaction therapy) are the two major therapeutic modalities in the center.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), speech therapy, occupational therapy, group social/cognitive training for high functioning autistic children, music therapy, vitamin therapy, medication and nutritional interventions are also offered as adjunct therapeutic interventions.

From the initial assessment and throughout the treatment course, children receive comprehensive monthly evaluation. Assessment sessions are recorded on DVDs and are utilized for progress follow-ups and individual treatment design.

Public services:

  • The Iranian Circle of Families with Autistic Children (ICFAC) was established by CTAD in cooperation with Family Research Center (FRI) of Shahid Beheshti University in Winter, 2002.
  • Behara Education and Rehabilitation Center for Autistic Disorders (BERCAD) was established by FRI in cooperation with CTAD, on 2003. This is the first specialized academic institution for children with autism in Iran.
  • The First International Seminar on Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Autism and Dyslexia, was organized by the CTAD and Tehran-Oxford Neurodevelopmental Center (TONC) on March 2005, at the FRI.
  • Increase public awareness about autism by talks, interviews and publications in public gathering, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs.
  • Publication of a quarterly journal called “َAutism Letter” since 2011 which is the first magazine about autism in persian for general population.
  • Providing help and support for publication of books on autism for families with autistic children.
  • Providing consultation and advice for creation of the movie entitled: “Autumn mother” which is about daily life of an autistic child who lives in the south of Iran .
  • Creating more than 200 job opportunities for treatment and support of autistic children in the last 10 years.