Teaching Turn-Taking Skills to Children with Autism using a Parrot-Like Robot, 2020

Pegah Soleiman, Hadi Moradi, Maryam Mahmoudi, Mohyeddin Teymouri, Hamid Reza Pouretemad


Robot Assisted Therapy is a new paradigm in many therapies such as the therapy of children with autism spectrum disorder. In this paper we present the use of a parrot-like robot as an assistive tool in turn taking therapy. The therapy is designed in the form of a card game between a child with autism and a therapist or the robot. The intervention was implemented in a single subject study format and the effect sizes for different turn taking variables are calculated. The results show that the child robot interaction had larger effect size than the child trainer effect size in most of the turn taking variables. Furthermore the therapist point of view on the proposed Robot Assisted Therapy is evaluated using a questionnaire. The therapist believes that the robot is appealing to children which may ease the therapy process. The therapist suggested to add other functionalities and games to let children with autism to learn more turn taking tasks and better generalize the learned tasks.